Do-it-yourself Printer Toner Cartridge Refill Kits by TonerKits
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Do-it-yourself Printer Toner Cartridge Refill Kits by TonerKits

Refill Kit Includes:
1 - 125g black toner refill
1 - 175g black developer refill
2 - pouring spouts w/caps
1 - set illustrated instructions

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Premium professional grade toner refill. This Absolute Black toner produces high quality text and graphics on plain paper. Each factory sealed bottle contains one pre-measured refill specifically formulated for use in the printer models below. This high quality toner may be used to refill your empty cartridges with excellent results.

Refill Method Overview:
Simple instructions show where the existing factory fill hole is located. This hole can be used to refill the cartridge easily. Only a screwdriver and pliers are needed.
Refilling time is approximately 10 minutes.

Note: This cartridge uses both toner and developer. To help you determine if you will will need one or both components to refill your cartridge properly, read our statement on Dual Component Toner here.


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