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Printer Toner Cartridge and Refill Kit by TonerKits
Refill Kit Includes: 4-Pack Special Includes:
1 - toner refill 4 - toner refills of your choice
1 - reset chip 4 - reset chips
1 - pouring spout w/cap 1 - pouring spouts w/caps
1 - set illustrated instructions 1 - set illustrated instructions
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Refill Kits Kit# Pages Price Case (10)
Black Toner Refill D1230Cb-1 1500 $27.99 N/A
Yellow Toner Refill D1230Cy-1 1000 $27.99 N/A
Magenta Toner Refill D1230Cm-1 1000 $27.99 N/A
Cyan Toner Refill D1230Cc-1 1000 $27.99 N/A
Mix & Match 4-Pack Special D1230C-4pk N/A $83.97 N/A
* Mix & Match 4-Pack Special - Get 4 refills for the price of 3
* Choose any combination of 4 - default is one of each

Replacement Cartridges Item# Pages Price 4-Pack
Black Toner Cartridge 330-3012-SE 1500 $37.99 $133.99
Yellow Toner Cartridge 330-3013-SE 1000 $37.99 $133.99
Magenta Toner Cartridge 330-3014-SE 1000 $37.99 $133.99
Cyan Toner Cartridge 330-3015-SE 1000 $37.99 $133.99
Mix & Match Toner Cartridge 4-pack D1235C-SE     $133.99
* Free shipping
* Ready to use - no refilling necessary
* Original OEM cartridge professionally remanufactured to original specifications
* Cartridges are shipped throughout the 48 contiguous states of the USA only

Accessories (optional) Item# Pages Price Case (10)
Black Reset Chip D1230Cbc 1500 $12.99 N/A
Yellow Reset Chip D1230Cyc 1000 $12.99 N/A
Magenta Reset Chip D1230Cmc 1000 $12.99 N/A
Cyan Reset Chip D1230Ccc 1000 $12.99 N/A
Pouring Spout (5pk) PS-1 N/A $5.99 N/A


Premium professional grade toner refill. This Absolute Black toner produces high quality text and graphics on plain paper. Each factory sealed bottle contains one pre-measured refill specifically formulated for use in the printer models below. This high quality toner may be used to refill your empty cartridges with excellent results.

Refill Method Overview:
Simple instructions show where the existing factory fill hole is located. This hole can be used to refill the cartridge easily. Only a screwdriver and pliers are needed.
Refilling time is approximately 5 minutes.

Compatible with the following cartridges/printers:
330-3578 N012K 330-3579 M127K 330-3580 J506K 330-3581 J069K, 1235C 1235CN


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